recent projects

Roche, Ireland
AVER joined with a main contractor to act as Decontamination Technical Specialist for the decommissioning and decontamination (Clean to Shell) of a large API plant.  As part of both tender and project teams we provided technical input and documentation as well as managing the physical on-site decontamination works over an extended period.

Oxford Biomedica
As part of a fast-programme to provide new development facilities, AVER undertook the decontamination and strip-out of redundant research facilities enabling handover direct to re-fit contractors.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Sweden
Acted as consultant on the practicalities and logistics for the dismantling and decontamination of a powders recovery system (including OEB5 product powders). Risk profiling was undertaken to identify the appropriate sequence and schedule of work to ensure no interruptions to manufacturing.

Thermo Fisher/Patheon, Swindon
AVER evaluated the options for the decontamination of a former Cephalosporins manufacturing facility to enable strip out and decontamination ready for installation of a new vaccine production. Using a risk assessment-based approach we were able to prepare the decontamination scope and objectives ready for the strip-out contractor to undertake the works.

Solvay, Warrington
AVER undertook a hazardous chemical materials survey at a derelict power plant within a live chemical facility.  Information gained was presented in a format that could be used to inform the demolition contractor as part of the larger demolition project to remove the plant.

Astellas, Dublin
AVER assessed the extent of remaining contamination to redundant pharmaceutical process equipment in preparation for de-planting and removal.  We then managed the decontamination works at site as part of the contractor’s site team.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer South Korea
Consultant for the decontamination of a former cytotoxic AIPs manufacturing facility. Works included on-site monitoring and assessment plus the preparation and review of decontamination procedures and operations within the site GMP requirements.

Erith at AWE, Aldermaston
Review of contamination data to buildings and facilities as part of a demolition programme.  AVER undertook decontamination works to extract systems in former test facilities in preparation for demolition.

Erith at Inovyn, Runcorn
Working as part of the main contractor’s site team, AVER undertook the final decontamination works to prepare the former Chloromethanes manufacturing plants for demolition.

Confidential Clients, UK wide
Contamination surveys of laboratory facilities as part of landlord/purchaser lease surrender.