fume cupboard decontamination

AVER routinely decontaminates laboratory areas as part of a strip-out and refit programme or whole facility change of use.

We provide: -

  • A decontamination clean to internal surfaces including removal of the internal extract shield/buffer plates.
  • Recovery and disposal of wet effluent systems serving the fume cupboard
  • Removal and disposal of air extract filters (where present) to the fume cupboard and cleaning of the filter housing
  • Recovery and decontamination/disposal of fume extract ductwork from the immediate duct housing, the carrier ductwork to the main carrier duct or the complete extract system
  • Complete decontamination and soft-strip removal and disposal of the fume cupboard.

The extent and type of decontamination required will depend on the type of materials handled in the fume cupboard and proposed future use.

We can provide this service for single fume cupboards through to multiple units in different locations within a facility. Microbiological safety cabinets (MSCs) are included within this scope.