contamination survey

Most facilities have some form of contamination and hazardous materials. At end of life or when re-fitting for alternative use, AVER will undertake a contamination survey and make evaluations to advise and inform on the contamination hazards and the remaining wastes that may be present.  This includes contamination assessment of the buildings/structure fabric.

AVER will undertake the survey and inventory to client requirements including sampling and testing of recovered materials to support and inform the survey evaluation. We will advise on a course of action that implements safe decontamination works whilst reducing overall timescales and costs to give the most beneficial outcome to the client and the environment.

Contamination surveys can be undertaken directly for the client or as part of the divestment/construction team. Survey data can be used to assist in planning and assessing the wider scale of decommissioning, demolition and construction works that may be required.