Whether UK or overseas we have extensive experience of the decommissioning process and can manage and deliver this service either stand-alone or as part of a wider project team.  We ensure that each aspect of the decommissioning process is evaluated to give the most beneficial outcome in terms of health, safety and the environment.

Our decommissioning service can include:-

  • Assessment of remaining hazards/contamination to a redundant/moth-balled facility by undertaking a contamination survey
  • Recording the contamination condition of a facility and use of this data for decontamination and demolition assessment and for follow-on strip-out/dismantling/demolition
  • Evaluation and safe management of remaining wastes at the facility for both the decontamination and the demolition works
  • Assessing remaining assets within the facility to establish how these can be beneficially recovered as part of the process
  • Project management of the entire decommissioning process from decontamination and demolition to site remediation including all CDM and health, safety and environmental management of the work incorporating the surrender of environmental permits/licences
  • The selective undertaking of bespoke decontamination and demolition works as part of an overall service package.